Hello! My name is Jack Bell and I am serving God as a missionary in Kenya.
 I first went to Kenya in 2010 and since then I have been on multiple trips there, with God giving me a heart to serve him amongst the poor and the unreached in Kenya.  In my ministry there, I have been particularly involved in preaching and teaching within churches, discipling young people, and evangelism.
In Kenya, I am serving God as a missionary with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) at their mission base in Athi River, in participating in their DTS (discipleship training school) for the next six months. During this time I am expecting to grow in my faith and see God move in power amongst the unreached and the poor. 
I value your prayers for my ministry in Kenya, that God will use my work there to further his kingdom and to make disciples in Christ. If you would like to know more about my work in Kenya or want to be involved in supporting me, then please email me at jackbell11@hotmail.co.uk.

Hello friends, its time again for me to give you an update on how my last few weeks have been in mission in Kenya. We have been continuing the outreach phase of my time here, and we had another two weeks of ministering in two different churches:

AIC Mamboleo – in this church we were split up and hosted by different families and I thoroughly enjoyed interacting and being with the family when we had the opportunity. In that week we did door to door evangelism, house fellowships, open air meetings and shared the word of God at a primary school. I got the opportunity to share my testimony in an open air meeting, to preach the gospel in another meeting and share some teaching with class 6 students in primary school.

Free Pentecostal Church Muhoroni – on the first day we arrived there I got food poisoning which I think was because of eating termites the night before (I liked them but they disagreed with my stomach). I thank God I recovered and felt strong again the next day. During our time there we helped sort Maize for the harvest, door to door evangelism, shared in primary and secondary schools, went to a hospital to pray for the patients, house fellowships, and also served in church. Personally I was able to preach in house fellowships and in church, share at the primary school and be involved in prayer for the patients.

I had a great time of ministry in Kisumu, I was so happy to be there and have new opportunities to serve God.

We then went back to our mission base in Machakos where we helped to run a medical camp, working with a team of doctors from the USA who came to run these medical clinic in different locations. My involvement included helping the doctors set up, helping patients to fill out the medical forms, and also part of a team performing drama skits, sharing testimonies and praying for people. We also helped cook on some days for all the extra people staying at our base.

Next weeks: tomorrow we go up to Marsabit in Northern Kenya to minister, also partnering with another USA missions team called World Race. We will be there for over a week reaching out to unreached people in that area
Then we will be going to a part of Western Kenya called West Pokot for a week where we will be Bible teaching with young people and pastors.
I finish the DTS on the 23rd August and I plan to spend one week ministering at my friend’s church in Kisumu before flying back to England on the 31st August.

Testimonies – whilst in Mamboleo we went to preach to a group of men drinking and after long discussions about the Bible a Catholic man named Kevin was saved. At the open air meetings, I prayed for a man called William who recommited his life to Christ, and a young man called Bryan was also led to Christ.
In Muharoni we prayed for a patient called Frederick who suffered with serious blood problems, and was about to be moved to another hospital. After we prayed his health improved and he did not have to be moved! There were also two men who made commitments to Christ after I preached on that Sunday. At the medical camp a school child called Matinda gave his life to Christ and an eighty year old man also was saved. Many were able to receive glasses, medical help and be prayed for.

Prayer requests – pray for safety when traveling. I am doing a lot of traveling the next couple of weeks to Northern Kenya, Western Kenya and back here – pray for safety. I have to go back once more to renew my Visa next week – pray for favour. Pray for the ministry in Marsabit and West Pokot to equip the church and reach the unreached. Also pray for my future – my time here has confirmed my calling to serve God amongst the unreached in Africa, but as I prepare to finish this time here I am waiting on God’s direction if it is with YWAM or another mission agency.

I will be in Bridport from the 31st August with my family where I’m sure I will have the opportunity to share with some of you more about my time here and future plans. I also plan to be in Winchester to share with those of you at Level 10.
May God richly bless you and be with you as you continue to find your roots in him.
In Christ,
Jack Bell