Hello! My name is Jack Bell and I am serving God as a missionary in Kenya.
 I first went to Kenya in 2010 and since then I have been on multiple trips there, with God giving me a heart to serve him amongst the poor and the unreached in Kenya.  In my ministry there, I have been particularly involved in preaching and teaching within churches, discipling young people, and evangelism.
In Kenya, I am serving God as a missionary with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) at their mission base in Athi River, in participating in their DTS (discipleship training school) for the next six months. During this time I am expecting to grow in my faith and see God move in power amongst the unreached and the poor. 
I value your prayers for my ministry in Kenya, that God will use my work there to further his kingdom and to make disciples in Christ. If you would like to know more about my work in Kenya or want to be involved in supporting me, then please email me at jackbell11@hotmail.co.uk.


Hello friends and family,
greetings from Kenya! It has been quite a month and I apologise for not sending you an email update sooner – it has been such a busy month. I want to tell you some of the highlights of the past month and share with you what you can be praying for. God has been so faithful and I have some wonderful testimonies to share with you.
Ahero – my first week in Kenya was spent in a place called Ahero. I spent the week with my friends David and Irene and their family and I served in their church. Throughout the week I preached in home groups, in church and in a local college. I also visited a local primary school to share some English songs and stories with the children. I also found time to go up a mountain together to pray. It was a very busy week of preaching almost every day but it was great to have lots of opportunities to teach the bible and encourage the church.
Ramba – from Ahero I went on to visit the Gideons Orphanage in Ramba, an orphanage that I have visited on some occasions before and it is always such a joy to visit. During my time there I was again very busy with ministry. Every morning at 6am the children and young people gather together for prayer and to receive the word of God, and for my first week there I taught the bible every morning to these young people. I also preached at house fellowships and in church meetings. Alongside that I also had the opportunity to teach in the primary school, teaching English, Maths and Social Studies (like Humanities), and also some English and CRE (Christian Religious Education) in the secondary school.
Athi River – on the 1st April I arrived at Athi River where the YWAM (Youth with a mission) base is where I will be spending the next three months before leaving to go on outreach. It is a very different part of Kenya here, it is dry and thorny but teeming with wildlife – lots of zebras and giraffes here. For the 3 months I am here the priority is discipleship, we are receiving lectures on topics such as hearing the voice of God. We are also serving around the base in doing work – I have already been chopping firewood and making chapattis (a bit like pancakes). I have got used to eating lots of rice and ugali and washing out of a bowl. This is a time to grow in my relationship with God as I prepare for more ministry for God. God is stripping away so many attitudes I have had of pride and changing my heart and I know it is preparing me for what he has for me in the future.
  • While I was in Ahero, a Tanzanian man called Paulo from the Masai tribe came to visit our church. He came to sell shoes to us. As we began talking to him the opportunity came up to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with him. As he didn’t speak any English, I would share and then one of my friends would translate. I told him about how much Jesus loved him and died for him. He told me he had never heard about Jesus but he wanted to know him. We prayed for him and he then received the Holy Spirit. We praise God for his salvation. I told him that there was a man with his name (Paul) in the bible who didn’t know Jesus but when he met Jesus his life turned around and the same could happen to him.
  • Another man in Ahero, Dan, who worked as a motorcyclist, came to the church for work. He also told me he had never come to faith in Jesus even though he had been to church before. I explained to him how much Jesus loved him and he received the Holy Spirit for the first time. We thank God.
  • After preaching at a local college, many young people at the college came forward for prayer. Multiple young people received the Holy Spirit for the first time and came to church on the Sunday.
  • After preaching at a house fellowship in Ramba, we prayed for a man whose leg was deformed and he was unable to walk. After praying for him, the man was able to walk again!
  • We went to pray for a man with a stroke who was unable to move or speak. After praying for him, he was able to sit up and speak again!
Prayer requests:
  • For my visa to be sorted out. The Kenya government has changed their mind on travel visas, now only giving you one month at a time. The best option is going to be applying for a work permit, but I am still waiting on confirmation we are going to do this. Pray that God will sort this out quickly – I trust he will sort this out as he has called me here on mission for a purpose and I know it is calling.
  • Pray for relationships on the team – we are still getting to know each other and appreciate the cultural differences between us and how best to work together.
  • Pray God continues to speak to about my future ministry in Kenya – I know he has called me here and I am asking him for clarity about what my future will be after I have finished my time here at the end of August.
  • Continue to pray and thank God for my protection and health – I have been so blessed to be completely healthy in my time here and pray that continues.
I want to encourage you that God is working powerfully here. John 14:12 tells us that we shall do greater works than Jesus and my prayer for you is that you will know his power in your life. Jesus loves you so much and he is the God in all nations.
Every blessing in Christ,
Jack Bell