Celebration Weekend with Roger and Faith Forster

We are delighted to welcome Roger & Faith back amongst us for an amazing weekend of ministry. Do join us if you are able on Saturday 26th October at 7pm or Sunday 27th October morning at 10.30am, there will be opportunity for ministry at both services;

Roger attended St. John’s College, Cambridge, where he graduated in mathematics and theology. After a period in the Royal Air Force, he worked as an itinerant evangelist until 1974 when he established the Ichthus Christian Fellowship. Among his many responsibilities, he serves on the Evangelical Alliance’s council, has served on a number of EA committees and is an honorary vice president of Tearfund. Roger was one of the founders of March for Jesus, and was on the board of the AD2000 Movement and was chairman of the council of the Evangelical Alliance. He is the author of several books including ‘God’s Strategy in Human History’, ‘Suffering and the Love of God’, ‘Trinity’, ‘Prayer’, ‘The Kingdom of Jesus’, ‘Reason, Science and Faith’, ‘Finding the Path’, ‘Explaining Fasting’ and ‘Christianity, Evidence and Truth’.

Faith has been involved in Christian ministry and leadership for many years. Within Ichthus, she is responsible for Ichthus prayer community. She preaches, teaches and pastors, has also served on a number of boards and councils, including the UK Evangelical Alliance and the World Evangelical Alliance. She is a published poet and author. She believes passionately in the power of prayer and the word of God, and loves to see lives transformed by these means.

Roger and Faith have three married children, two in full-time ministry and one an artistic director in theatre.