Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Church,

 In light the government’s announcement that all non-essential contact must cease immediately, we have decided sadly, to cancel all church events and activities until further notice. This includes our Sunday Services, house groups, precious Ones and any special events that are planned. In effect the building will be closed for a period of time.

 We have agreed that the elders and house group leaders will be be overseeing and keeping in touch with members of the church, so that issues can be picked up and prayer can be offered. Let’s make sure we all pray for one another and phone the most vulnerable during this time.

Decisions like this are never easy or taken lightly but we believe it is one we need to do along with the leaders of other churches in area who are also shutting their premises.

The Leadership is considering how best we can continue to communicate with each other and remain integrated as a fellowship. We are planning to email a weekly newsletter with sermon and songs so we can participate and study together and for those not on email we will look to post a hardcopy through your door.

We are encouraging everybody in the fellowship to contribute to the newsletter, as well as the sermon and songs, to lift our praise and thanksgiving to the Lord, and to build up the body of Christ, whilst we are not meeting together. 

 We will explore the possibility of using Skype and Facebook to deliver live sermons and webinars.

 We are praying for our church and trusting God and believing that He will provide.

 Let us keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace during this difficult time


BCF Leadership