VISION – To share the love and liberty of Jesus- in word, works
and wonders in Bridport and beyond:
to serve one another and our community in the power
of His Spirit.

1. To establish a local community of Christians devoted to worshipping the Lord Jesus in Spirit and Truth.

2. To nurture a community in which the love and compassion of Jesus are
demonstrated towards one another in genuine and practical ways- “that
they may know we are Christians by our love, one for another.”

3. To proclaim- through preaching, personal and group evangelism, acts of corporate witness and through music, the arts and the media- the glorious
gospel of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ- his love for sinners
and the offer of peace and reconciliation to all men through his atoning
sacrifice on the cross. We believe that the proclamation of the gospel will
be accompanied by signs and wonders ( see Acts 8:6), healings and
miracles which give glory to God.

4. To make disciples of all who respond to the gospel and to nurture, train and
ground them so that they learn to grow and become mature , effective followers of Jesus Christ.

5. To teach, encourage and exhort every member of the Body so that they may
grow strong in their faith, and to foster a climate in which all are able to
identify their personal sphere of ministry and spiritual gifts , so that the
whole church may be edified ( 1 Corin. 12- 14 ).

6. To encourage both personal and corporate intercession so that we may pray
effectively for personal, corporate, local national and international needs,
both within the Body of Christ, in the wider community and within society
as a whole – our intercession involves spiritual warfare (Ephesians 6) on
behalf of the needs of individuals, families, groups, churches and society as
a whole.

7. To love and serve our local community-that is, Bridport and the West Dorset
area- through acts of mercy and compassion and Spirit-directed social action- and thus to be “salt and light” in our district.

8. To train, foster and send out and support missionaries to other communities
and nations, thus furthering the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19-20.

9. To seek to plant home groups and churches in West Dorset – under God’s
guidance- thus furthering the Kingdom of God in this area.

10. To promote strong links and relationships with local churches which have
similar aims and values to ourselves- irrespective of denomination or stream-
and to maintain strong wider links with Icthus Christian Fellowship in
London and with other churches , both nationally and abroad, who are
committed to serving the Lord Jesus as he establishes His Kingdom.